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Growing plants and vegetables have long been a favourite pastime for many people. The introduction of Hydroponics has really changed the way people have started to think about plant growing as having no need for soil opens up a wealth of possibilities. Growing plants and vegetables in grow tents and grow boxes are excellent ways of making use of hydroponics by giving them the nutrients they need without soil or compost. Other advantages of using Hydroponic grow tents are that simply, less growing time and less space is required. You also more control over the plants environment such as the humidity and root zone's temperature.

small grow tent

What are they?

A grow tent is usually square shaped like a box and is lined with specially commissioned Total Blackout White/Black/White Sheeting for high light (lumen) levels inside the tent. They are generally very easy to set up and are usually quite affordable ranging from around £40 - £600. The interior walls of the the tents will help radiate light whilst the black walls on the outside will absorb the heat. There are of course many different styles and sizes of grow tents, my advice is to choose the best fitting size for where you are going to store it. The fact that they can fit wherever you need them to is a great advantage, this means that they can be practically used by anyone, anywhere.

How do they work?

Hydroponic grow tents allow you to control every aspect of the plant/vegetables environment to allow it to grow at maximum efficiency. This includes controlling the heat, water and light. Having control over these factors means that you can grow virtually any plant possible as you can mimic specifics plants environments. Only when a plant has the right amount of sunlight and nutrients will it become healthy and strong. With a hydroponics grow tent you can even set up enclosures for different types of plants to be grown at the same time.

What else?

Hydroponic grow tents can also be very environmentally friendly and can save you a lot of money as hydroponics systems require a lot less water than conventional gardening. To save electricity you can set timers on all of your fans, lights and heaters. This doesn't just help with your electricity bills, it is also rather vital for the plant as you can then give your plants the correct amount light and heat.

grow tents


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